Powder Granulator Machine


Mining, chemical industry, building materials, fertilizer plants, etc.


1-30 t/h

Main Power

7.5-22 kw

Granule Size

3-10 mm

Powder granulator is an indispensable equipment to convert fertilizer powder material into granular products. It plays an important role in fertilizer granulation production, through a series of processing steps make various of raw material powders into a uniform size of the pellets shape. Therefore, if you need to pelletize fertilizer, then it is important to choose the right pelletizer. Powder granulator machine is used for making fertilizer pellets, including organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Shunxin Machinery Fertilizer Equipment Company has a wide range of granulation equipment, suitable for different needs of raw materials granulation.

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4 Types of Powder Granulator Machine

As a professional fertilizer equipment and machinery company, Shunxin has different types of machines for you to granulate powder into pellets. Generally speaking, there are many types of granulation equipment, which can be categorized according to the granulation method. You can choose the suitable granulator according to your needs, and what we have can fully satisfy your requirements. Following are the 4 different types of granulators.

Where can you use our powder granulator machine?

Yushunxin granulator can turn powdery fertilizers into granules. The production of compound fertilizers usually requires a wet granulation process, which relies heavily on the powder granulator to effectively combine the main nutrients. You can equip your compound fertilizer granulation line with the right pulverizer. Likewise, powder granulators are equally important for organic fertilizer granules production line, as they convert organic materials into granular organic fertilizers that are easy to use and transport. Our granulator adopts dry granulation technology and wet granulation technology to make granular fertilizer from fertilizer powder. You can use our fertilizer granulation equipment for organic fertilizer granules production line or compound fertilizer granules production line.

How to choose a Shunxin pelletizer for your fertilizer granulation?

Choosing the right granulator is the key to ensure production efficiency and product quality. Shunxin has various types of granulators with different specifications. Generally speaking, the selection of granulator is mainly based on the material characteristics, output requirements. The following are 3 important factors that you shoul take into consideration when selecting a granulator:

Ore Powder

Ore Powder

Different granulators are suitable for different types of raw materials. In addition, the particle size and humidity of the raw material will also directly affect the granulation process. Thus, it is necessary for you to choose the appropriate granulation technology according to the characteristics of the material. In brief, it includes taking into account the particle size distribution, humidity, viscosity and other factors of the raw material. Through this way, you will greatly improve the granulation efficiency.

Precisely, the production capacity of each type of equipment is different. It is essential for you to choose an equipment that can meet your expected capacity. Therefore, for large-scale production, it  to choose a , the rotary drum granulation machine is more appropriate because of its high efficiency and high-capacity. While for small and medium scale production, the disc pelletizer, new organic fertilizer pelletizer and double roller extrusion pelletizer may be more suitable for your plant to make granules.

Since different fertilizers have different requirements for granule size and uniformity, so you should select the suitable powder granulator for your fertilizer production line. The main requirements include granule diameter, granule strength and granule shape. Shunxin provides you with sophisticated pelletizing equipment that can meet your various pellet requirements.

In the cyclone, the air flow will separate the powder. Also, powder that meets the fineness requirements will be discharged from the bottom of the separator as finished product. At the same time, unqualified coarse particles will fall back to the grinding chamber due to gravity and for a second grinding.

3 Application in making mineral fertilizer

  • 【Single nutrient fertilizer】The production of mineral fertilizers such as urea, diammonium phosphate, potash, and other mineral fertilizers, which usually involves converting compounds of a single nutrient into granular form to promote plant uptake and reduce losses during application.

  • 【Compound fertilizer】In the manufacture of compound fertilizers, a variety of mineral ingredients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) are blended in the form of powders and pelletized in a granulator. This step ensures uniform distribution of the different nutrients in the fertilizer materials and application efficiency.

  • 【Controlled and slow release fertilizers】Typically, in order to prolong the duration of action of the fertilizer and to control the rate of release of nutrients, the mineral fertilizer granules are coated to form a controlled or slow release fertilizer. Powder granulators may first be used in this process to generate basic nutrient granules, which are then specially treated to add a controlled or slow release layer.

Large Scale Pan Pelletizer

Large Scale Pan Pelletizer

What are the benefits of making powder into pellets?

  • 【Pellets are more effective to use】Compared to powder, pellets can effectively reduce the clumping and uneven distribution of fertilizers.have a better use effect. Meanwhile, it can effectively improve the effectiveness of fertilizer, which is conducive to agricultural production.

  • 【Convenient transportation and preservation】The powdered fertilizer is easy to caking and dust in the process of transportation and storage, affecting the use of the effect. Pelleting can avoid this effect, and convenient transportation and preservation, and to a certain extent, also increase or extend the storage time of fertilizer.

  • 【Reduce environmental pollution】Powder is easy to pollute the environment, while making them into pellets can relief this phenomenon. Naturally, through the pelletizing equipment, you can produce less polluting fertilizers to reduce environmental pollution for sustainable development.

In conclusion, Shunxin have many powder granulator machines for you to choose, used to improve the processing efficiency and improve product quality. If you want to make the right choice and application of pelletizing machine, then there is necessary for you to consider the material characteristics, working efficiency, particle requirements and many other factors. Consequently, you will set up a satisfactory automatic fertilizer powder granulation production line.