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What Are The Structures of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator?

  • 【Rotary Drum】The core component of the granulator is the rotary drum. Also, it is a large cylindrical tube that rotates around its axis. Inside the drum, you can process raw materials into granules. The drum granulator use specific rubber linings or acid-resistant stainless steel lining. The benefits are prevent material sticking and enhance the granulation process.

  • 【Driving System】This includes motors and gears that power the rotation of the drum. Moreover, you can adjust the speed of rotation to control the granulation process and the size of the granules.

  • 【Inlet and Outlet】The rotary drum has an inlet at one end for feeding raw materials. Also, an outlet at the other end for discharging the granulated products. The positioning and design of the inlet and outlet are crucial for efficient material flow and granulation.

  • 【Lifting Flights】Inside the drum, there are usually lifting flights or fins attached to the inner wall. These flights lift the material as the drum rotates, allowing it to fall back down in a cascading manner. This action promotes mixing, contact with added moisture (if needed), and the granulation process.

  • 【Frame and Support Structure】Besides, a sturdy frame supports the entire drum that keeps it in position and allows it to rotate freely. The frame must be robust enough to handle the weight of the drum, the materials inside. And the forces appear during the granulation process.

NPK Drum Granulator

NPK Drum Granulator

What Are The Working Principle of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator?

The rotary drum granulator operates on a straightforward yet efficient principle. The main granulation method adopts agglomeration wet granulation. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the mineral fertilizer mixture is humidified in the drum pelletizer cylinder after sufficient chemical reaction.

The main motor drives the belt and pulley, and transmit power to the drive shaft through the reducer. Also, we install the open teeth on the drive shaft and the large tooth rings on the gear body work relative to each other. In the production of compound fertilizer, a certain amount of water or a specific binder solution will spray onto the powdery materials. Then, the powdery material is rolled by rolling and extrusion in the cylinder. Also, the drum’s rotation plays a critical role in the granulation process. Due to the continuous motion within the drum ensures that these collisions occur frequently, leading to uniform granule growth. The presence of the binder or moisture helps in binding the materials together, ensuring the integrity of the granules.

The granulation effect of the drum granulation machine will directly affect the granulation rate and product quality of the mineral fertilizer. This granulation process is pivotal for producing mineral fertilizers in a more manageable and effective form.

5 Advantages of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator

  • High EfficiencyIt is suitable for large fertilizer production, it offers a high granulation rate, minimizing waste and enhancing productivity. The rotary drum granulator can achieve a high granulation rate, which means a higher yield of granulated fertilizer

  • Large CapacityThe design of the rotary drum granulator allows for high-capacity production, which is suitable for large-scale granulation manufacturing.

  • Uniform GranulesThis equipment produces granules with uniform size and shape. Also, it is crucial for even nutrient distribution and ease of application. So, it ensures the high quality and effectiveness of the finished mineral fertilizer.

  • Low Energy ConsumptionCompared to some other granulator machines, the rotary drum granulator can operate at relatively low power, which can save on energy costs.

  • Easy Operation and MaintenanceThe design tends to be simple with fewer moving parts. Thus, it can decrease the risk of mechanical failure and make maintenance easier.

Parameters of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator

Different types of Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator have different production capacities. We have 5 types for you to choose, you can find the suitable granulator for you. The capacity of our rotary drum fertilizer granulator ranges from 1 to 30 tons per hour. If the granulator model we provide can not meet your needs, we always provide customized exclusive service. According to your requirements of different sizes and production of the machine, any requirements can be fully met.

What Can Influence The Granulating Process Of Rotary Drum Granulator Machine?

Rotary Drum Granulator

Rotary Drum Granulator

  • 【Rotation Speed】The speed of the drum rotates affects the mixing, lifting, and falling action of the material inside the drum. Also, it is critical for the granulation process. An optimal rotation speed is required to achieve the desired granule size and uniformity.

  • 【Inclination Angle】The inclination angle of the drum can influence the residence time of the materials inside the drum. Thus, it affects the granulation process and the size of the granules.

  • 【Feed Rate】The rate of raw materials are fed into the drum can impact the load and the efficiency of the granulation process. An optimal feed rate ensures that the drum operates under its best condition for granulation.

  • 【Drum Size and Length】The dimensions of the drum, including its diameter and length, can influence the capacity of the granulator and the residence time of the materials. Besides, it affects the granulation quality and efficiency.

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