3 T/H Mine Powder Granulation Line in South Africa

South Africa, as an important mineral resource country in the world, has a long history of mining development and rich and diverse mineral resources. Besides, mine powder granulation technology is an important process in the deep processing of minerals. Not only can it increase the added value of mineral resources, but it is also of great significance in improving the utilization rate of ore raw materials. So, on April 8, 2023, a customer from South Africa contacted us for details. He told us that they are a plant specializing in ore raw material processing, and planed to build a 3 tons/hour ore powder granulation production line locally. The following are the specific details of this case:

Which equipment can meet the needs of 3 t/h mine powder granulation production line?

Mineral crushing is an integral part of the entire granulation process.The main purpose is to crush the ore raw materials into fine particles suitable for granulation. Since ore crushing is not completed in one go, the process involves multiple steps, from coarse crushing to fine grinding, ultimately forming mineral powder suitable for granulation.

Jaw crusher for sale

YSX jaw crusher is mainly of use for coarse crushing and secondary crushing of ore to provide suitable material particle size for subsequent processing. Also, it has the characteristics of simple structure, uniform crushing particle size and high output. In addition, its output can reach about 10-110t/h, making it an ideal crushing equipment for many ore processing manufacturers to carry out coarse crushing operations.

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Manufacturer of Jaw Crushing Stone Plant

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill for sale

Raymond mill can crush ore into very fine powder and is suitable for fine powder production processes with higher demand. Because the Raymond mill has high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption and adjustable crushing particle size. The equipment is capable of grinding ore into micron powder. Therefore, it plays an irreplaceable role in the processing of mineral powder.

What granulator can we provide that can achieve 3 tons/hour of mineral powder granulation ?

Based on the small-scale granulation needs of this South African customer, we recommended the Shunxin disc granulator to him. The disc granulator is suitable for small and medium-sized granulation production lines and adopts wet granulation. Under the action of water or binder, the raw materials gradually polymerize into spherical particles in the tilted rotating disk. It not only has a simple structure and flexible operation, but also has a granulation rate of over 93%. Therefore, this equipment has become one of the preferred equipment for many mineral fertilizer manufacturers due to its high efficiency.

Disc Granulator for Large Rock Fertilizer Production

Disc Granulator for Large Rock Fertilizer Production

Drying Machine on The MarketAutomatic Single Bucket Packing Scle for Mineral Fertilizer Pellets

Auxiliary Equipment for Sale

  • SX fertilizer drying machine

Yushunxin fertilizer dryer is mainly of use to reduce fertilizer humidity and thereby improve fertilizer storage stability. It plays an important role in improving fertilizer quality, extending storage life and facilitating transportation. Normally, a fertilizer dryer is an essential piece of equipment after the wet granulation process. It removes excess moisture from the fertilizer through the drying process.

  • SX fertilizer bagging machine

In addition to the above equipment, we also recommend that you equip a fertilizer bagging machine. Yushunxin fertilizer bagging machine is the last process of the mineral powder granulation production line. In fact, it can improve the packaging efficiency of the production line, thus meeting the requirements of continuous production.

What Is The Total Cost of 3 T/H Mine Powder Granulation Line in South Africa

To be specifically, the total cost of the complete equipment for mineral fertilizer plant can probably reach 250,000 dollers.

If you are looking for a feasible solution for your mineral or ore fertilizer production line. Then you can contact us for a free quotation, and no matter what you need for your fertilizer manufacturing plant, Yushunxin will always have sophisticated equipment for your business.