Fertilizer Bagging Machine


Mining, chemical industry, building materials, fertilizer plants, etc.


6 bags/min

Main Power

0.55+0.37 kw


720×630×1980 mm

In modern agricultural production, fertilizer bagging machine has been widely of use as an important equipment to improve packaging efficiency and quality. Due to its high efficiency, precision and automation, it is of great significance for reducing labor costs. Meanwhile, it improves production efficiency and meeting large-scale production needs.

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What are the characteristics of fertilizer packaging machine?

  • 【Efficient and fast】It has a high degree of automation and can complete packaging operations continuously and quickly. Thus, it is suitable for large-scale production needs and can significantly improve packaging efficiency.

  • 【Precise measurement】The use of advanced weighing devices and control systems can accurately control packaging weight. Also, it can avoid possible errors caused by manual measurement, and ensure the consistency of product quality.

  • 【Strong adaptability】It has a wide range of applicable fields and can be of utilization to fertilizer packaging of different types and specifications. The fertilizer packaging machine has strong flexibility and versatility.

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Automatic Single Bucket Packing Scle

What are the common types of raw materials suitable for fertilizer packaging machines?

Fertilizer dryer is a kind of equipment specially used to dry the moisture in fertilizer. Moreover, it is widely of use in the production process of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and mineral fertilizer. Furthermore, the fertilizer dryer uses hot air to evaporate and remove the moisture in the fertilizer, thereby reducing the moisture content of the fertilizer, improving the storage stability of the fertilizer, and making it easier to transport and use. Then, the following is the working principle of fertilizer dryer:

Granular fertilizer is one of the most common forms of fertilizer due to its good fluidity and easy application. For example, there are granular compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer granules, bio-fertilizer granules, and controlled release fertilizer granules, etc. Moreover, the fertilizer packaging machine ensures the accurate weight of each bag of granular fertilizer through a precise electronic weighing system, while the fast packaging speed greatly improves production efficiency. In addition, fertilizer packaging machines usually have automatic bag sewing and sealing functions to ensure the neatness and sealing of the packaging. For this reason, thus ensuring the stability and lasting effectiveness of the fertilizer during transportation and storage.

The fertilizer packaging machine is suitable for packaging a variety of powdered fertilizers. For instance, it’s not limited to water-soluble fertilizers, trace element powders, organic powdered fertilizers and NPK compound fertilizer powders. These machines are specially designed for precise dosing, fast filling and effective sealing, ensuring accurate weight and excellent quality of each bag of fertilizer. In particular, it has advanced metering system and dust removal function. Furthermore, the fertilizer packaging machine can adapt to different working environments and improve production efficiency while ensuring the health and safety of operators.

What are the supporting equipment for fertilizer packaging machines?

In practical applications, fertilizer packaging machines usually need to be in conjunction with a series of related equipment to achieve more efficient and precise packaging operations. The following are some common Yushunxin fertilizer relevant equipment for packaging.

  • Storage siloIt is popular to store fertilizers for subsequent packing process, ensuring the continuity of the packaging process. It can store various types of fertilizer materials. Typically, it has the function of moisture-proof and dust-proof, which can well protect the quality of fertilizers.

  • Automatic quantitative packaging scaleIn the final packaging process of fertilizer, the packaging scale is a common and critical equipment used to ensure accurate weighing of product packaging. According to different production needs and efficiency requirements, packaging scales are mainly divided into two types: double bucket packaging scales and single bucket packaging scales. In fact, this equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, and easy installation. It can achieve accurate quantitative effect and ensure the accuracy of each package.

  • 【Conveying equipment】During the entire packaging process, the conveying device is responsible for transporting fertilizer packaging bags from one process to the next, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the packaging process. The conveying equipment mainly includes screw conveyors, mobile belt conveyors and bucket elevators, etc. Proper use can help realize the automation of fertilizer packaging.

Other Equipment

  • 【Dust collector】During the production and packaging process of fertilizers, especially powdered fertilizers, dust can easily appear. This will not only affect air quality, but also make the production environment dirty and increase equipment cleaning and maintenance costs. In addition, the presence of dust will also affect the smooth progress of the packaging process. For example, dust may affect the sealing performance. While the dust collector keeps the production environment clean, it also ensures the packaging quality of fertilizers.

  • 【Vibrating screening equipment】Typically, vibrating screens are very important in the processing of fertilizers before you use packaging machines for screening and grading operations. It can effectively remove large objects, impurities or particles that do not reach the required size in the fertilizer, ensuring that the fertilizer entering the packaging process meets quality requirements.

What factors do you need to consider when purchasing fertilizer packaging machine ?

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Fertilizer Granular Packing Scale

  • 【Packaging speed】It is advisable for you to choose a suitable packaging machine based on your production needs. Since large scale fertilizer manufacturers require efficient packaging machines to maintain their production efficiency. For example, double bucket packaging scales have high production efficiency and are therefore suitable for large-volume production needs. While the single bucket packaging scale has a relatively simple structure and is easy to operate, so it is suitable for small batch production.

  • 【Equipment stability and reliability】Choose good quality brand equipment to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment. Long-term machine operation reduces replacement costs and unplanned downtime.Therefore, the equipment can remain stable during operation and reduce the failure rate.

  • 【After-sales service】Good after-sales service and technical support are very important to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, so that timely technical support and repair services can be obtained during use.

What is the cost of purchasing fertilizer packaging machine?

The price range of fertilizer packaging machines is wide and affected by many factors. For example, the type of machine (such as fully automatic, semi-automatic), packaging capacity (such as the number of bags packed per hour), the accuracy of the machine, the technology used, the brand and Additional features, etc. Typically, prices can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Firstly, for a small or semi-automatic fertilizer packaging machine, the price may be in the thousands of dollars (approximately $3,000 to $10,000).

Secondly, for a medium-sized automated machine, it could be between $10,000 and $50,000.

Thirdly, for high-end fully automatic packaging production lines, the price may exceed 100,000 US dollars, or even reach hundreds of thousands of US dollars.