Double Roller Granulation Line To Mexico

With the growing global demand for sustainable agriculture, NPK compound fertilizers are gaining attention for their ability to provide a variety of nutrients required by crops. Mexico, as an agricultural country, has an urgent need to improve crop yield and quality. On June 12, 2023, a company called “AgriMex Innovations” sent us an inquiry. They said they planned to build a 5T/H NPK compound fertilizer granulation production line in central Mexico. So wondering if we can recommend a suitable granulator for them. Of course, we recommended the following Yushunxin double roller extrusion granulator to this company.

Which granulator do we recommend to meet the Mexican company’s 5T/H NPK compound fertilizer production needs?

The double roller extrusion granulator is commonly of use in NPK compound fertilizer granulation production lines. Its main feature is to use physical pressure to squeeze materials into particles. It is suitable for directly pressing dry powdery materials into granules without adding wetting agents and other auxiliary ingredients. Therefore, Yushunxin double roller extrusion granulator has the advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and production efficiency improvement. It can efficiently and continuously complete the granulation needs.

Structure of Double Roller Press Granulator

Structure of Double Roller Press Granulator

What are the characteristics of finished granules after using a double roller press granulator?

System of Raymond Mill

System of Raymond Mill

  • 【Flexibility in adjusting particle size】You can adjust the equipment to control the pulverized particle size and fineness of the bentonite. This is extremely critical to improve the water absorption and coagulation ability of cat litter.

  • 【Improve production efficiency】Raymond mill pulverizer can ensure continuous production, it can process more materials in the same time. Therefore, it can significantly improve production efficiency.

  • 【High return on investment】Typically, Raymond mill pulverizers offer high productivity, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. It can bring a high return on investment for the enterprise in the long run.

  • 【Controllable particle size】The double roller press granulator has an adjustment device that can adjust the pressure and gap between the two rollers to control the size of the pellets. Therefore, you can produce granules in a range of particle sizes that meet specific needs.

  • 【Smooth particle surface】During the granulation process, the material is subjected to high pressure and frictional heat, making the surface of the pellets smooth. Not only does this smooth particle surface help reduce friction between particles and improve fluidity, it also facilitates better mixing with soil or other media during subsequent use.

  • 【High particle density】Typically, it squeezes the material through high pressure during the granulation process, which increases the internal density of the granules. High density pellets have better solubility and fertilizer efficiency release, thus can better meet the needs of agricultural production.

  • 【Good particle stability】The finished pellets have good stability in terms of shape, size and density. So, this means that the pellets are not easily broken or deformed during storage and transportation, and can maintain good quality.

How to automatically package finished NPK compound fertilizer granules?

Yushunxin fertilizer bagging machine is the final process of the NPK compound fertilizer granulation production line. It is an important equipment to improve the packaging efficiency and quality of the entire production line. Due to its high efficiency and high degree of automation, it can reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and meet the requirements of continuous production. For these reason, we recommend you equip a SX fertilizer bagging machine in your manufacturing plant.

Automatic Single Bucket Packing Scale

Automatic Single Bucket Packing Scle

What other pre-sales and after-sales services do we provide?

  • 【Customer support and consultation】Yushunxin Fertilizer Equipment Company provides 24/7 Customer Support Services to answer any questions you may encounter during equipment purchase consultation or use. For all service requests, we promise to respond within 24 hours. In addition, we also provide professional consulting services in equipment use, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

  • 【Customized equipment and solution development】If you have special requirements for our existing equipment capacity or specifications, you can provide basic production requirements, such as desired production capacity, fertilizer type (organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc.), etc. According to your needs, we will develop an equipment plan for you, including production flow charts, main equipment lists, layout plans, etc.

What Is The Total Cost of Double Roller Granulation Line To Mexico?

To be specifically, the total cost of the complete equipment for Mexican plant can probably reach 50,000 dollers.

If you are looking for a feasible solution for your mineral or ore fertilizer production line. Then you can contact us for a free quotation, and no matter what you need for your fertilizer manufacturing plant, Yushunxin will always have sophisticated equipment for your business.