Cat Litter Manufacturing Process In Kenya

Kenya is rich in resources and has a wide range of mineral resources including some non-metallic minerals such as bentonite. As an important non-metallic mineral resource, bentonite is widely used in cat litter production. For this reason, on August 16, 2023, a bentonite cat litter producer from Kenya sent us an inquiry. The customer said he wanted to set up another complete production line for his bentonite cat litter production plant. He asked us if we could supply production equipment for the complete process. Therefore, we recommended the following equipment for him according to the necessary processes in the production of bentonite cat litter.

How to use our crushing equipment to produce bentonite cat litter?

Yushunxin Raymond Mill can crush large pieces of bentonite raw materials into fine, uniform particle sizes. This process is critical to ensuring the quality of the cat litter product. The processed bentonite has a higher specific surface area, which enhances the adsorption of raw materials. Thus, it improves the performance of the cat litter. Raymond mill can process a large amount of material in a short period of time with low energy consumption. In addition, due to the hardness and abrasiveness of bentonite. It is also made of high-quality materials and has high durability.

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

What are the advantages of choosing Shunxin Raymond Mill?

System of Raymond Mill

System of Raymond Mill

  • 【Flexibility in adjusting particle size】You can adjust the equipment to control the pulverized particle size and fineness of the bentonite. This is extremely critical to improve the water absorption and coagulation ability of cat litter.

  • 【Improve production efficiency】Raymond mill pulverizer can ensure continuous production, it can process more materials in the same time. Therefore, it can significantly improve production efficiency.

  • 【High return on investment】Typically, Raymond mill pulverizers offer high productivity, low energy consumption and low maintenance costs. It can bring a high return on investment for the enterprise in the long run.

What other necessary equipment can we provide to help produce high-quality bentonite cat litter?

Yushunxin’s double roller extrusion granulator is the core equipment in bentonite cat litter production line. It processes bentonite powder into cat litter particles through mechanical force. In fact, it has high production efficiency and can realize continuous production. Furthermore, the equipment can control the shape, size and quality of cat litter during production. Meanwhile, Yushunxin disk granulator is also one of the more commonly used granulation equipment. If you use wet granulation method, then the disk granulator will be more suitable for you.

Structure of Double Roller Press Granulator

Structure of Double Roller Press Granulator

3 Advantages of Bentonite Cat Litter Manufacturing Plant in Kenya

  • 【1.Rich bentonite resources】Kenya is rich in mineral resources, including bentonite deposits that may be suitable for producing cat litter. If Kenya has sufficient resources of high-quality bentonite, the acquisition cost of raw materials is relatively low, which is a huge advantage for cat litter production.

  • 【Market potential】With the increasing awareness of pet care in Africa and around the world, the demand for pet products, especially high-quality cat litter, is growing year by year. Kenya can be used as a production base to not only serve the domestic market, but also expand to neighboring countries and even the global market.

  • 【Policy Support】Typically, the Kenyan government supports foreign investment and local industry development and may provide incentives such as tax incentives and land use rights concessions. For investment in factory construction, these preferential policies can reduce initial investment and operating costs.

What Is The Total Cost of Cat Litter Manufacturing Process In Kenya?

To be specifically, the total cost of the complete equipment for cat little plant can probably reach 50,000 dollers.

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