Mineral Fertilizer Mixer


Mining, chemical industry, building materials, fertilizer plants, etc.


1-40 T/H

Main Power

7.5-22 kw

Device Types


Mineral fertilizer mixer is a machine that is widely of use for blending various mineral fertilizers. Moreover, mineral fertilizer mixer plays a crucial role in fertilizer production. And, it could mix different mineral particles into a homogenous mixture. Particularly, the mixers are designed to handle granular or powdered fertilizers, ensuring even distribution of each nutrient within the mixture. In deed, the ore powder mixer includes single shaft mixer, double shaft mixer, BB fertilizer mixer and rotary drum BB fertilizer mixer.

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What Types of Mineral Fertilizer Mixer that We Provide?

Fertilizer mixers are indispensable in both small-scale and large-scale mineral fertilizer production, facilitating the even blending of various fertilizer components. The design and functionality of blenders vary to meet different operational scales and requirements. We have 3 types of fertilizer mixers that you can choose to satisfy your specific needs. The first type is shaft mixer, including double and single shaft types. You can use them in the continuous mixing of mixed fertilizer. And the second type is BB fertilizer mixer, including special BB fertilizer mixer and drum type BB fertilizer mixer. The BB fertilizer mixer is usually of use in small to large scale mineral fertilizer production lines, and it ‘s suitable for organic-inorganic compound fertilizer raw materials.

How Does Different Types of Mineral Fertilizer Mixer Work?

The working principle of a fertilizer mixer is that the blending of various fertilizer components to achieve a evenly mixture. The specific working principle varies depending on the type of fertilizer mixer, and all mixers rely on mechanism of motion and mixing elements to combine ingredients thoroughly.

Single Shaft Mixer

The single shaft mixer works via a horizontally rotating stirring shaft and fixed paddles. Materials are continuously added from the feed end, and driven by the stirring shaft, the paddles push and mix the materials. Accordingly, the design of the paddle enables the material to be effectively stirred in the axial and radial directions, thereby achieving uniform mixing. The machine continuously turns and mixs materials as they pass from one to the other. Finally, it exits materials from the discharge end to achieve a continuous production process.

Double Shaft Mixer

The working principle of the double-shaft horizontal mixer is that the transmission device drives two blade shafts with mixing blades to rotate simultaneously. When the material enters the device from the feeding port, the water spray device immediately sprays water to turn the material from dry to wet. While humidifying, the wet materials are continuously stirred and mixed with each other under the action of the spiral stirring blades, and move toward the discharge port. Finally, the qualified materials are discharged from the discharge port.

BB Fertilizer Mixer

The machine has a mixing blade or shaft. When the equipment is started, the mixing blade or shaft rotates. Then, it causes the fertilizer raw materials to tumble, cut and mix in the cylinder. Thereby, it achieves uniform mixing of the materials. This process can accurately control the ratio of various materials, as well as the mixing speed and time. So it ensures the BB fertilizer has uniform quality and meets the nutritional needs of different crops. And there is another large capacity model of rotary drum mixer, reaching 30-40 t/h.

How To Choose A Suitable Mineral Fertilizer Mixer?

If you want to selecting a suitable type of fertilizer mixer, there are several factors that you should take into consideration:

Features of Jaw Shredder

Rotary Drum Mixer

  • 【Volume and Scale】The size of your operation and the quantity of fertilizer will influence the choice of mixer. If you can’t find the suitable mixer, we can customize it according to your specific requirements.

  • 【Material Characteristics】Consider the physical properties of the materials to be mixed, such as particle size, density, and whether they are dry or wet.

  • 【Mixing Efficiency】Some mixers are better suited to achievie uniform mixing in a shorter time, so the high efficiency machine better meet your needs.

What Are The Advantages of Different Mineral Fertilizer Mixer?

  • 【Single Shaft Mixer】Single shaft mixer is straightforward in its design and operation, making it easy to use and maintain. This simplicity can lead to lower operational costs. Generally, it is less expensive than any other mixers, and it suits for small-scale production.

  • 【Double Shaft Horizontal Mixer】The double shaft horizontal mixer are equipped with two parallel shafts, which means it will mix materials more quicker and thorough than single shaft mixer. And it could handle difficult materials more easily and perform well in continuous production.

  • 【BB fertilizer mixer】Typically, BB fertilizer mixer can achieve a homogeneous mix in a relatively short time and enhance the production efficiency. In addition, it is able to mix granular materials with a high degree of accuracy, generally energy-efficient and have low operating costs as well,  making them an economical choice for fertilizer production facilities.

Mineral Fertilizer Mixer for sale

We have a wide range of mixers and also provide customized services, if you are looking for the desired equipment for your fertilizer production, whatever you are looking for, there are always suitable machine for your reference. Moreover, we have the complete fertilizer production line equipment and no matter what you want, there is definitely have a choice for you. If you have interests and want to know the price or other relevant things, then you are free to ask us for further detailed quote. We can assure you that our prices are the most cost-effective in the industry and rather reasonable as well.

In conclusion, mineral fertilizer mixers are not just a piece of equipment, they are also indispensable tool in the mineral fertilizer production. Through the thoroughly and repeatedly blending , it turns the different mineral particles into a homogenous mixture, allowing for precise nutrient mixing. These machines contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of mineral fertilizer, which is not only cost-efficient, but also environmentally sustainable.