Limestone Fertilizer Production Solutions


Mining, chemical industry, building materials, fertilizer plants, etc.


1-30 t/h

Main Power

7.5-22 kw

Granule Size

3-10 mm

The main component of the limestone is calcium carbonate, and limestone fertilizer is a mineral fertilizer that based on limestone powder. It is mainly composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, and also contains trace elements such as manganese and boron. Limestone fertilizer specifically refers to the magnesium content, while lime generally refers to calcium. Limestone fertilizer plays a vital role in agriculture. Processed limestone fertilizer can be used to improve soil pH and soil health, thereby increasing agricultural productivity.

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2 Types Shunxin Limestone Pellets Granulating Equipment

What processing steps could improve the quality of limestone fertilizer?

Granular limestone is easier to distribute evenly in the soil, can more effectively adjust soil pH and improve fertilizer utilization.

Granulation can significantly reduce dust flying during the use of limestone, reducing the impact on the environment and personnel.

Granular limestone facilitates packaging, storage and transportation, reducing losses and costs.

Through granulation, limestone can be subjected to a certain degree of slow release treatment. Thus, it makes its nutrient release slower and more sustained.

The granulated limestone product has a more regular shape, which improves the market competitiveness and added value of the product.

The Structure of Disc Granulator

The Structure of Disc Granulator

What to consider when setting up a limestone fertilizer production line?

  • 【Production scale】You need to determine the scale of your production line. The scale of production will affect the type of equipment and production capacity you choose. and what economic benefits that you will gain. Thus, you need to determine how large a limestone fertilizer production line you want to build, and then you can equip your production line with the appropriate equipment.

  • 【Process flow】A complete limestone fertilizer production line includes a multi-step process flow such as raw material preparation, crushing, mixing, granulation, drying and cooling, and packaging. Then you need to choose the right equipment based on the entire process.

  • 【Equipment selection】Typically, you need to choose equipment that is efficient, environmentally friendly, and suitable for your limestone fertilizer production plant. Of course, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, Shunxin can provide you with a complete limestone fertilizer production line equipment for your business, and all your needs will be satisfied. What’s more, we also have specific customization services for customer so that you can realize your multiple needs.

  • 【Capital budget】We will develop a suitable plan for you based on your expected budget. Whether you want to build a limestone fertilizer production plant or need to add another new equipment to your plant, we always have the most economical and suitable plan as you want. Therefore, if you are still hesitating and don’t know how to set up your limestone production line, please feel free to contact us for relevant quotations and planning.

What is the processing steps of the Limestone Fertilizer Production?

The limestone raw materials are coarsely crushed using a jaw crusher to break large pieces of limestone into smaller particles for further processing. Then, the limestone particles after preliminary crushing are ground into uniform powder by Raymond mill. The limestone raw material fine powder is to facilitate the subsequent mixing and granulation process.

Before granulation, the limestone ground into fine powder needs to be fully mixed with other auxiliary materials, such as binders, nutrients, etc. This step ensures even distribution of ingredients in the fertilizer particles and improves fertilizer effectiveness.

The limestone fine powder is then becomes the uniform pellets by the granulating machine. Depending on the granulation technology, it can produce different shapes and sizes of limestone fertilizer pellets. During this process, you need to add appropriate amount of moisture or binders to aid granulation. Shunxin granulators, including disc granulator, rotary drum granulator and double roller extrusion granulatorsthat you can choose for your granulation production.

Since the granulated limestone fertilizer contains a certain amount of moisture, so you will need a dryer to reduce the moisture content and improve the storage stability of the fertilizer. In addition, you will also need a cooler to cool down the dried fertilizer pellets, peventing deterioration in fertilizer quality due to excessive temperature.

The fertilizer particles that do not meet the size requirements are separated through the rotary screen machine to ensure the uniformity and quality of the product.

Finally, you can use an automatic packaging machine to quantitatively package the desired limestone fertilizer particles, ready for sale or use.

Simple Disc Pelletizing Production Line

Simple Disc Pelletizing Production Line

The limestone fertilizer production line is an efficient, environmentally friendly production system is to process limestone raw materials into fertilizer products. Generally speaking, this production line covers the entire process from raw material processing to finished product packaging. This production line can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Therefore ensures the final limestone fertilizer quality meets the needs of agricultural applications. The following is the complete working process of the limestone fertilizer production line.