Jaw Crusher


Mining, chemical industry, building materials, etc.


1-60 T/H

Main Power

5.5-75 kw

Discharge Size

15-90 mm

A jaw crusher is a powerful and efficient type of grinding machine in mine and ore processing plants to crush rocks into smaller pieces. In a variety of crushing equipment, it stands out as a primary choice for many mineral fertilizer processing manufactures. Moreover, the jaw shredder could process large pieces of rock or ore and crush them down to smaller sizes. In deed, it is popular with its simplicity, durability, and efficiency. Thus, the jaw crushing machine becomes an indispensable equipment that plays a significantly role in ore or mineral fertilizer production.

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What Is The Structures of Jaw Crusher?

At its core, the jaw milling equipment is ingeniously designed to maximize efficiency and durability. The primary components that constitute its structure include:

The main foundation of a jaw crusher, the frame, which is usually is made of high-grade steel or cast iron, using the tie-bolts to connect. Thereby, it provides robust support for the entire machine and withstanding the operational stresses.

It is made from hard alloy steel, the eccentric shaft converts the rotational motion from the drive mechanism to the reciprocating motion of the movable jaw. Also, this motion is exactly what drives the crushing action.

The structure concludes a fixed jaw and a movable jaw as a set of equipped equipment. And they adopts manganese steel or hard metal plates. So they are the workhorses that perform the crushing action, which enables the equipment crush quite hard bulk mine rocks.

The flywheel is a mechanical device that helps in balancing of the jaw shredder. It also acts as a pulley for the drive belts and stores energy during the crushing process.

These plates provide a safety mechanism and adjustability for the crusher, allowing uncrushable material to pass without damaging the crusher. They also provide an adjustable point to control the size of the pulverized rock material.

The jaw crusher is equipped with two bearings. These bearings support the heavy loads and rotational speed of the eccentric shaft. Thus, it ensures smooth operation and renders long service life.

Structure of Jaw Crushing Machine

Structure of Jaw Crushing Machine

How Does Jaw Crusher Work To Crush Ore For Fertilizer Production?

The jaw crusher operates on a relatively simple principle. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, causing the movable jaw to make periodical reciprocating movements against the fixed plate. When two jaw plates separating,the rock materials feed into the crushing machine and caught between the fixed and the movable jaws, where the two plates crush down the materials into smaller pieces. Rocks stay in the jaws until they are small enough to meet the requirements. Finally,the mineral powder will through the bottom of the grinder to screen and discharge. The straightforward and effective operation is simple, it still plays an indispensable role in mineral fertilizer production.

What Are Jaw Crusher’s Features?

Features of Jaw Shredder

Features of Jaw Shredder

  • 【High Reliability】Jaw crushing equipment is made from high-grade steel castings, and it could handle the rigors of heavy-duty operations. The operating system of the equipment can maintain normal operations without failure and limitation in many environment.

  • 【Simplicity】The straightforward design makes it easy to operate and maintain, reducing the need for specialized training.

  • 【Adjustability】Typically, the outputs of jaw shredding machine is adjustable. Thereby, it could meet different demands of manufactures, Allowing operators to change the crushed output to suit various applications and requirements.

  • 【Versatility】Jaw grinding machine could handle a wide variety of materials including hard rock, metallic and non-metallic ores, and construction rubble. Additionally, it fulfills various operational requirements with different jaw plate designs.

  • 【Size Reduction Capability】They are highly effective at reducing large chunks of raw rock materials into smaller pieces, making them suitable for further processing in fertilizer production line.

  • 【Eco-Friendly】This crusher could be of use in recycling operations, processing materials like concrete and asphalt to be in new construction projects, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Why Mineral Fertilizer Manufacturers Choose Jaw Crusher?

Manufacturers from ore fertilizer production industry opt for the jaw rock crusher for several compelling reasons:

To begin with, it is an ideal machine for primary crushing stage, it effectively reduces large rock material sizes, making subsequent processing more manageable.

What’s more, it suits for many rock materials. From hard granite to softer limestone, the jaw shredding machine can handle a vast array of materials, making it suitable for diverse process applications.

Besides, the low operational costs as well as coupled with high productivity. In this case, it becomes an economically viable option for manufacturers looking to optimize their processing operations.

Last but not least, the jaw crushers’ ability to process recycled materials not only expands the application range of them, but also aligns with global sustainability efforts, making it an environmentally friendly choice for manufactures.

Manufacturer of Jaw Crushing Stone Plant

Manufacturer of Jaw Crushing Stone Plant

What Materials Does Jaw Crushing Machine Could Process?

Application of Jaw Grinder

Application of Jaw Grinder

Jaw shredding equipment have a broad range of applications and can grind various mineral materials such as:

Limestone, barite, bentonite, kaolin, gypsum, cement, dolomite, marble, calcite, phosphate rock, fluorspar, potash feldspar, talc, lime, quartz, activated clay, activated carbon, etc.

Furthermore, after grinding into fine powders by Jaw crusher, these mineral materials are finally put in use in various industries, especially in rock and ore making fertilizer fields.

How To Choose The Suitable Jaw Crusher You Need?

When choosing a crushing machine, specifications vary significantly based on the model, manufacturer, and specific application requirements. However, key specifications often considered include feed opening size, maximum feed size, output size range, capacity, and weight. Moreover, the nature of the material to be processed plays a significant role in this decision. Desired capacity and output size also significantly impact the choice of shredding machinery. Additionally, operational costs and the necessity for mobility influence the selection process. Considering all these specifications ensures you choose the best pieces of equipment for your needs, making your project requirements efficiency and effectiveness. So, you can contact us for professional suggestion.

What Influence The Feeding Efficiency of Jaw Grinder?

  • Moisture Content: High moisture content can lead to material sticking in the hopper and feeder, causing blockages. Pre-drying or using a heated feeder can deal with this situation.
  • Size of Feed Material: The maximum size should be no larger than 80-85% of the crusher’s gape,which is the width of the opening at the crusher’s discharge end.
  • Feed Consistency: A consistent, regulated feed frequency ensures the crusher operates efficiently, reducing wear and tear.
  • Pre-screening: Removing fines before the material enters the crusher can increase efficiency and reduce wear, because fines do not need to be crushed and probably result in clog the crusher.

In conclusion, Jaw Crusher is an essential and versatile machine in processing rocks and ores in mineral fertilizer production.Its simplicity, durability, and ability to process high-quality materials make it a priority among ore fertilizer manufactures.The Jaw Crusher is an indispensable equipment that can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of ore fertilizer processing.As advancements in material science and engineering continue to evolve, the Jaw Crusher is poised to remain at the forefront of industrial crushing solutions, driving productivity and sustainability in material processing endeavors.

If you are looking for the most efficient crushing equipment,then a Jaw Crusher is your best choice.