200 T/D SSP Fertilizer Manufacturing Process in Pakistan

As an agricultural country, Pakistan has a growing demand for fertilizers, especially single superphosphate fertilizer (SSP) which is popular due to its significant promotion effect on crop growth. In view of this, on March 12, 2024, a Pakistani chemical manufacturing company sent us a relevant inquiry. Their company mainly produces sulfuric acid 98%, aluminum sulfate, liquid chlorine, HCl 32%, caustic soda 32%, PAC and sodium hypochlorite 12%. Nowadays, they plan to setup a SSP manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons/year, thus meeting the demand for producing higher-capacity and more efficient SSP. The following are the specific details of this case:

What Equipment Could Reach The Capacity Of 100,000 T/Y For SSP Fertilizer Production?

The crushing of SSP is the essential process in the production of the SSP fertilizer. It involves in crushing solid phosphate rocks to the required particle size. The crushing equipment is crucial to improve SSP fertilizer availability, ease of transportation and use. Therefore, according to their needs for a high-capacity SSP plant, we recommend the following two Shunxin crushing equipment for them:

Jaw Crusher for Sale

Typically, jaw crusher is of use for coarse crushing, the preliminary reduction of large pieces of phosphate rocks to smaller pieces. Moreover, it uses the relative movement of two jaw plates to break large materials into smaller particles. In a variety of crushing equipment, Yushunxin jaw crusher stands out as a primary choice for many mineral fertilizer processing manufactures. Also, the jaw crusher could process large pieces of rock or ore and crush them down to smaller sizes. In deed, jaw crusher is popular with its simplicity, durability, and efficiency. Thus, the jaw crusher becomes an indispensable equipment that plays a significantly role in ore or mineral fertilizer production.

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Manufacturer of Jaw Crushing Stone Plant

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill for Sale

Raymond mill is a type of pulverizer that be of use for further crushing process of smaller phosphate pieces. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular grinding machine in mineral fertilizer production. Yushunxin;s raymond mill can achieve a production capacity of 10-110t/h. Moreover, it is suitable for processing of hundreds of mineral materials with molar hardness not greater than 7 and humidity below 6%. Generally speaking, the size range of crushed phosphate rock materials is between 40-400 mesh. And it has the advantages of high efficiency and wide adaptability, so our jaw crusher can meet your SSP fertilizer production needs.

What equipment can help you to enhance the SSP fertilizer market competitiveness?

SSP Fertilizer granulator for Sale

The YSX rotary drum fertilizer granulator is one of the essential pelletizing equipment that can turn mineral powders into specific pellets. Also, it adopts the wet granulation method, and it is suitable for large scale SSP fertilizer manufacturing process. Through granulation, it can not only improve the property of fertilizer effectively, but also convenient to transport and store. What’s more, the capacity of our rotary drum fertilizer granulator ranges from 1 to 30 tons per hour, which can significantly enhance productivity for SSP fertilizer production.

Raw Materials of Raymond Mill

Rotary Drum Granulator

Drying Machine on The MarketAutomatic Single Bucket Packing Scle for Mineral Fertilizer Pellets

Auxiliary Equipment for Sale

  1. Yushunxin also recommend the rotary drum dryer to your SSP fertilizer granulation line. Because it can dry out the extra water content of the finished SSP pellets. Also, it can reach the capacity of 1-18t/h. The drying machine used to reduce the humidity of materials and ensure the quality of the final particles.
  2. Additionally, for large scale SSP fertilizer production, it is advisable for you to equip an automatic bagging machine. Because it can improve the efficiency of the SSP fertilizer production line to meet your high output need.

What Is The Total Cost of The SSP Fertilizer Production Line In Pakistan

To be specifically, the total cost of the complete equipment for SSP fertilizer plant can probably reach 500,000 dollers.

If you are looking for a feasible solution for your mineral or ore fertilizer production line. Then you can contact us for a free quotation, and no matter what you need for your fertilizer manufacturing plant, Yushunxin will always have sophisticated equipment for your business.